Fourth project team meeting held

The fourth project team meeting was held today at the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica. It was established that the expert working group members have developed the curriculum of the new specialist study programme in Optometry in English, and that the public procurement for the development of Shareable Content Objects in English was successfully completed, with the purpose of designing and developing the new study programme e-learning system. The procurement committee chose the offer by the Cognita Ltd. bidder, so the project leader announced a meeting by the expert working group in September at which a representative of Cognita Ltd. will be present and instruct the members with regard to the e-learning technical capabilities. Following the successful participation in the Rommedica Fair in Bucharest and the Bulmedica Fair in Sofia, the project leader and the project assistant are preparing to attend the SILMO fair in Paris, which will be held in September. The project team concluded that all project activities are being implemented in accordance with the estimated project course.